George Galloway: Revolution in the Arab World

In the first few weeks of 2011, revolutions have swept across the Arab world, toppling dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, and threatening to topple one in Libya. Uprisings are also underway in Bahrain, Yemen, and elsewhere, as people all across the region – including in Saudi Arabia – stand up against tyranny and oppression.

Please join us for this special event to hear long-time anti-war and Palestine solidarity campaigner George Galloway talk about the current situation in the Arab world, and what we can doing Canada to support the Arab peoples’ struggle for liberation. A discussion period will follow Mr. Galloway’s speech.

This event is organized by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War. Endorsed by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid.

Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre
427 Bloor Street West
TTC: Spadina | Parking available on side streets
Doors open: 6:15 p.m.
Event begins: 7:00 p.m.

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Tickets: $10 and up – or pay what you can
There are no advance ticket sales. Please arrive early to guarantee admission.

Students Against Israeli Apartheid Launch Divestment Campaign

On Monday March 7th, the first night of Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) 2011,the  Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), at the University of Toronto and York University officially launched a campaign demanding that their respective universities divest from four companies involved in violations of Palestinian human rights and Israeli Apartheid. Investments in BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Hewlett Packard have been found in the University of Toronto’s Pension Master Trust, Long Term Capital Appreciation Pool, and Expendable Funds Investment Pool, as well as in York University’s Pension and Endowment Funds. The complicit companies create military technologies used in the murder of civilians, the destruction of infrastructure and the daily humiliation of Palestinians. Just under two decades ago York University was one of the first to divest from South African Apartheid; U of T was shamefully one of the last.

The entire week of IAW events, including guest lectures from Judith Butler, Ali Abunimah, Judy Rebick and Riham Barghouti, focussed on institutional complicity and the importance of the campus as a site of resistance. All of the week’s speakers have signed on to our divestment campaign in the spirit of holding our universities accountable to their purported commitment to the “vigilant protection of human rights”.

Join these renowned intellectuals and social justice activists, in addition to over 100 faculty members who have already signed on, to demand that our universities do the right thing and take action to divest now!  Please sign our petition below and encourage your organization, union or club to stand with us against our universities’ complicity in human right’s violations against Palestinians.

For more information, please click here.

International Women’s Day 2011: Support Women in Palestine

The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) takes the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD) to press our call to lift the siege on Gaza. The urgent goal is to bring aid to the women of Gaza who suffer with their families and children imprisoned there by the Israeli government. They endure malnutrition and poisoned water, and they lack medical care, sufficient shelter, and quality of life.

We will march this Saturday, March 11th, angered by the Israeli apartheid system that attacks Palestinian women by means of land confiscation, impoverishment, daily harassment, imprisonment, and indirect and direct violence.  We call on the Israeli authorities to immediately release all Palestinian female political prisoners and detainees from Israeli jails, including women in administrative detention. Palestinian female prisoners and detainees are subjected to cruel and discriminatory treatment during their arrest, interrogation, and in prison, including sexual harassment, psychological and physical punishment and humiliation, and deprivation of gender-sensitive healthcare.  The repression of Palestinian women’s resistance must end!

Join the CAIA contingent on International Women’s Day to call for an end to the siege of Gaza, an end to violence against Palestinian women, and the immediate release of Palestinian women prisoners.  You may also with to sign the petition on Palestinian Female Political Prisoners.  For more information on the CAIA Contingent at the IWD March, please click here.